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Three Nutritional Tips for Dancers with Registered Dietitian, Christine McPhail

Nourishing our bodies is very important for daily life and is even more important for athletic performance. Adding dance training to our regular activities uses up A LOT of energy and properly fuelling our bodies helps us maintain energy levels, avoid injury and stay well.

Registered dietitian, Christine McPhail, so generously provided us with a short video explaining three nutritional tips for dancers. These three tips are:

  1. Value your body
  2. Eat enough and often
  3. Balanced eating includes ALL foods

Watch the video for more details that can help you have a healthy relationship with food and nutrition!

Christine McPhail is a weight-inclusive, Health At Every Size (HAES) aligned, Registered Dietitian working in private practice in Ottawa, ON and she is also the Prevention & Outreach Coordinator at Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre. Christine believes that good nutrition actually begins with establishing a good relationship with food, your body and ultimately yourself, and her goal is to help her clients remove food rules and guilt and rediscover the satisfaction and nourishment that food can bring to their lives, while also making space for underpinning social justice/cultural barriers. Before starting her own practice, Christine worked as a Clinical Dietitian in hospital and clinic settings, as a Public Health Nutritionist, and as a university lecturer. When Christine isn't actively fighting diet culture, she enjoys dancing (ballet in particular), practicing yoga/meditation, reading, re-watching favourite movies, hiking, and exploring the local food, event and art scene.

Three Nutritional Tips for Dancers with Registered Dietitian Christine McPhail 

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