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Why Dance During the Summer

​School's out for the summer (soon anyways)! But should you also put your dance training on hold? Obviously we're a little biased, but dancing over the summer can have many benefits for your training and not to mention, it's FUN!  Maintain your skills - You've worked hard all year to improve your technique as well as learn new skills...

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Achieving Beautiful Port de Bras

Definition: PORT DE BRAS - the carriage of the arms Port de bras does not just encompass the poses of the arms, but the transitional movements between the poses including movements of the head, the use of the body and épaulement. It is the foundation of the use of the arms in ballet and is the most difficult part of dance to master. It is grad...

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Setting Attainable Goals

Goal setting is defined as 'the act of selecting a target or objective you wish to achieve'. In dance, goal setting can be a great way to motivate yourself and personally keep track of your progress in class and performance. This can be especially helpful during the pandemic as it can be easy to feel unmotivated with the stressors of the ...

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Ballon - Achieving Enviable Jumps

 Ballon - A ballet term that refers to a dancer appearing to hover in the air when performing a jump. This light-weight and airy quality in allegro work is highly desired in ballet as it adds to the illusion of ease and weightlessness while dancing. Although it makes jumps appear effortless, achieving enviable ballon actually takes a lot of ef...

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