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How to Make a Ballet Bun

​It's hard to think about ballet without conjuring up an image of a ballerina in a tutu with her hair tied back in a perfect bun.  We all know that becoming that ballerina in the tutu is a lot of hard work, but for some, creating that elusive bun is more difficult than expected.



-spray bottle with water
-comb and brush
-hair elastics
-U shaped hair pins (big--Brio, Malabar, small--Dollarama, Walmart, etc...), flat bobby pins
-hairspray and /or gel


Step 1:  Brush hair out to ensure it is free of knots and tangles and spray with water to dampen.

Step 2:  Comb hair into a tight ponytail high on the head.  For a classical bun, line the ponytail up diagonally with the ears.

Step 3:  Twist the hair into a rope and begin winding the hair around the elastic, pinning as you go.

Step 4:  Continue winding the hair and pinning and tuck the tail underneath to neaten.

Step 5:  Add a hairnet to keep any fly aways at bay.

Step 6:  Finish with a healthy amount of hairspray.  If there are any bumps, smooth over with a comb. 

Step 1,2:  Repeat steps 1 and 2 from the BASIC BUN to achieve a secure, high ponytail.

Step 3:  Take your ponytail and fan it out from the elastic.

Step 4:  Take a small section of hair and begin twisting it into a rope and winding it around the elastic, simultaneously adding hair as you go.  Tuck tail under.

Step 5:  Holding the bun with one hand, pin at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions to anchor it to the head.

Step 6:  Add a hairnet to prevent fly aways and flatten if desired .

Step 7:  Add pins in a circular fashion for additional support and to neaten.

Step 8:  Finish with a healthy amount of hairspray.  if there are any bumps, smooth over with a comb.

​In this video, we'll show you how to create the perfect ballet bun two ways. First, a beginner friendly version that is quick and easy to achieve. The next will be a slightly more advanced version that is sure to turn heads.

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